Get the perfect production setting for your project with our tailored production services in Morocco.
A Cinematic Paradise
From the golden sands of the Sahara to the majestic mountain ranges of the Atlas, from the magnificent ancient architecture to the breathtaking coasts of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco offers a visual feast. But it’s not just about the picturesque locations.

The year-round sunshine, proximity to Europe, modern infrastructure, stable political environment, and reputation for safety all contribute to a safe and serene environment for international shooting. In addition, the highly skilled crew, cutting-edge equipment, abundant supply of extras, and generous government incentives make filming in Morocco a pleasant and comfortable experience.
Your Ultimate Moroccan Production Partner
At Caestus Films, we are dedicated to making your film production experience in Morocco a success. As a full-service company certified by the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM), we offer a wide range of tailored solutions to help you navigate the Moroccan territory with ease.

With extensive experience in local film production, an extensive network of trusted suppliers, and established relationships with local authorities, we are equipped to handle projects of any size and budget. From feature films and TV shows to commercials, documentaries, and music videos, our expertise allows you to focus on realizing your creative vision, while we handle all the logistics.
Get the perfect production setting for your project with our tailored production services in Morocco.


Experience the Magic of Morocco with our tailored Services


Looking for the best filming locations in Morocco?

Exploit the full potential of Morocco with our expert location scouting service and team. Our location scouts will help you find the perfect location for your project, providing access to an extensive database and assisting you with research, management, and logistics, taking into consideration your creative needs. Whether you are looking for a desert, city, beach, or mountain setting, we will find the perfect location for your shooting in Morocco.


Need to obtain a film permit in Morocco?

With Caestus films, getting your film permit is a hassle-free experience. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you meet all deadlines and obtain the necessary permits for your film production in Morocco. From feature films to commercials, TV shows, music videos, digital content, documentaries, or photo shoots, we’ve got you covered.


Are you looking to fly a drone in Morocco?

Looking for the best filming locations in Morocco?

Take your film to new heights with our drone services. Our team will help you obtain all the necessary permits and provide you with experienced pilots and top-notch drones from leading manufacturers. We can help you capture the best aerial footage for your film in Morocco.


Looking for photography services in Morocco?

Elevate your shoots with Caestus Films’ specialized support. We handle every detail, from permit acquisition and location scouting across Morocco’s stunning landscapes to managing logistics and technical needs. Focus on capturing breathtaking visuals with our comprehensive assistance for fashion, editorial, and commercial projects.


Planning to bring your film equipment to Morocco?

Streamline customs clearance with Caestus Films. Our experts will take care of all the necessary paperwork and documentation, including pre-arrival and on-site clearance at the airport or port of entry, delivery to your filming location, and post-shoot support to ensure the safe transport of your equipment and footage back to your home country.


Looking to rent film equipment in Morocco?

Choose from a wide range of top-quality equipment from leading manufacturers, including cinema cameras, lenses, lighting, grips, stabilizers, sound, and special effects. We provide reliable equipment and help you choose the best equipment for your budget and project requirements.


Looking for a film crew in Morocco?

Collaborate with the best in the business with our highly skilled film crew. Our team includes camera operators, lighting and grip technicians, sound engineers, makeup artists, and costume designers with years of experience in international productions. Whether you need a full crew or just a few key personnel, we have the resources and network to assemble the ideal team for your film in Morocco.


Looking for the perfect actors and extras for your project in Morocco?

Find the perfect actors and extras for your production with our casting and talent search service. Our close ties to leading local casting agencies and talent representatives, combined with an extensive database, allow you to choose from a diverse selection of actors and extras. Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs and provide you with options that perfectly match the vision of your project, no matter the age, ethnicity, or physical ability.


Looking for reliable transportation services for your production in Morocco?

Ensure a seamless transportation plan with our experienced transport captains. From shuttling between the hotel and the set to arranging helicopter transportation to remote locations, we have the resources and expertise to make your film production in Morocco run smoothly and on time.


Looking for comfortable and convenient accommodation for your film crew and cast in Morocco?

Leveraging our local knowledge and partnerships with top hospitality services, we assist you in booking the best accommodations to suit your filming schedule and location. Choose from a wide selection of international and local hotel brands, traditional riads, and private guest houses to accommodate every need and budget.


Looking for catering for your film production in Morocco?

Keep your film production crew well-fed and energized with our catering services. Working with the finest caterers in Morocco, we provide fresh, diverse, and delicious meals, featuring a mix of traditional Moroccan and international dishes. We also offer options for special dietary needs, such as vegan or kosher, to meet the needs of your team.


Looking for military equipment for your film production in Morocco?

Bring your military scenes to life with our military assistance services. Our experienced team can provide the necessary support and liaise with military authorities to help you access guns, ammunition, uniforms, and vehicles for your film production in Morocco.

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