Casting & Talent Services in Morocco.

Find the perfect actors and extras for your film production in Morocco with Caestus Films

At Caestus Films, we understand the importance of finding the perfect cast for your film production in Morocco. With our extensive database and strong connections with local talent agencies, we ensure a seamless casting process tailored to your project’s needs.

Embrace Diversity and Attention to Detail

Our commitment to diversity in casting and meticulous attention to detail guarantees a successful outcome for your project. Caestus Films provides exceptional production support and a wide selection of talent, ensuring a perfect match for your production.

Diverse Talent Pool and Professional Support Services

We go beyond just finding the right people – our talent pool includes actors and extras of various ages, ethnicities, and physical abilities. We also offer a comprehensive network of experienced professionals, including talented makeup artists, skilled hairstylists, and imaginative costume designers, to guarantee that your cast will look their absolute best on camera.

Why Choose Caestus Films for Your Casting Needs?

  • Extensive Database: Access a vast pool of actors and extras
  • Local Connections: Benefit from our strong relationships with Moroccan talent agencies
  • Diverse Talent Pool: Choose from a variety of ages, ethnicities, and abilities
  • Professional Support Services: Enjoy access to makeup artists, hairstylists, and costume designers
  • Commitment to Diversity: Experience our dedication to creating a more inclusive film industry

Start Your Casting Journey Today

Ready to bring your film project to life in Morocco? Partner with Caestus Films to find the perfect talent that aligns with your vision. Our expertise in casting services and commitment to diversity ensures a successful and memorable production. contact us today to discuss your casting needs.


Yes, our team has extensive experience working on casting for international productions, ensuring a seamless process while catering to diverse requirements.

We provide casting services for a variety of projects, including feature films, commercials, TV shows, music videos, digital content, documentaries, and photo shoots.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support for your project, including location scouting, film permit acquisition, equipment rental, customs clearance assistance, and crew hiring.