Custom Clearance Services in Morocco.

Bring Your Film Equipment to Morocco with Ease!

Are you planning to bring film equipment to Morocco for your production? Let Caestus Films handle the customs clearance process to ensure a smooth and efficient import and export of your equipment. With our expertise, we manage the logistics, allowing you to focus on your project. From small camera setups to large-scale production, we have the experience and resources to ensure a seamless process.

Comprehensive Customs Clearance Services for Film Equipment

Our all-inclusive customs clearance services for film equipment cover:

Pre-Arrival Clearance

Our team collaborates with you to ensure all required documents, permits, and customs declarations are prepared before your equipment reaches Morocco.

On-Site Clearance

We’ll be at the airport or port of entry to handle the customs clearance process, ensuring swift and efficient processing while addressing any issues or inquiries.


After customs clearance, we’ll arrange for your equipment’s transportation to your desired location in Morocco, guaranteeing its safe and timely arrival.

Post-Shoot Support

When your filming project is complete, our team will be available to help with paperwork and facilitate the secure export of your equipment back to your home country.

Simplify Your Customs Clearance Experience with Caestus Films

Don’t let the challenges of customs clearance hinder your filming project in Morocco. Contact us to discover how we can facilitate a hassle-free film equipment import and export experience.


Yes, we can help you obtain temporary import permits for your film equipment, allowing you to use your equipment in Morocco without incurring import duties and taxes.

We can assist with customs clearance for a wide range of film equipment, from small camera setups to large, complex productions, including lighting, sound, and specialized gear.

The duration of the clearance procedure can vary, taking into account multiple elements such as the thoroughness of the required documents and the efficiency of the customs officials. Our dedicated staff strives to hasten the procedure and provide you with regular progress reports to keep you informed and in the loop.

Yes, we have extensive experience assisting international productions with customs clearance for their film equipment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for filmmakers coming to Morocco.