Catering Services for Film Productions in Morocco.

Energize Your Film Crew with Top-Quality Catering Services

Searching for catering solutions for your upcoming film production in Morocco? At Caestus Films, we recognize the importance of keeping your crew well-fed and energized for a successful shoot. That’s why we’ve partnered with the finest caterers in the country to supply your team with fresh, delectable meals around the clock, tailored to your team’s tastes and dietary requirements.

Reasons to Choose Caestus Films for Your Moroccan Catering Needs

Opt for Caestus Films’ catering services and experience top-tier service and food. Our offerings include:

Diverse menu options

Savor traditional Moroccan and international dishes tailored to your crew’s preferences.

Personalized menus

Accommodate unique dietary needs with options like kosher, vegan diets, and more.

Adaptable scheduling

Align catering services with your production schedule to keep your crew energized.

Get Started with Our Catering Services Today

Enhance your film production experience in Morocco with our outstanding catering services. Contact us today to plan your ideal catering solution and ensure your crew is fueled up and ready for action!


Yes, we prioritize sustainability and can provide eco-friendly catering solutions upon request. This may include using locally sourced ingredients, minimizing food waste, and utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials.

Absolutely! We can cater to film crews of various sizes, from small independent projects to large-scale productions. Our catering partners have the capacity to handle any crew size while maintaining the highest quality standards.

No, our primary focus is on film production services.

Yes, we have extensive experience working with international productions and can provide on-the-ground support during location scouting, as well as assistance with logistics, permits, and coordination with local vendors and providers.